Our Services

Sigma Polishing and Restoration's number one priority is to provide the highest quality and service at the most competitive prices. We create a comprehensive evaluation for each project. Our clients value their time and so do we. Each project is completed on time, using state-of-the-art equipment, to insure the highest quality available in the industry.

We restore or refinish any type of natural stone (list shown below), to its original appearance. We strive to restore the beauty of the natural stone so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.


Marble   Granite   Travertine   Limestone

Terrazzo   Slate   Flagstone

Quarry Tile   Ceramic Tile   Porcelain Tile

 Mexican Tile   Sand Stone   Agglomerate

Whether your project involves a light polishing or a full-scale restoration, our fully bonded and insured professionals can handle the job expertly and efficiently. We are proud to provide:

Restoration   Polishing   Honing   Cleaning

Sealing   Enhanced-sealing   Stripping   Waxing

Patching   Stain-removal   Tile-replacement   Grout-cleaning

Re-grouting   Sanding   Post-construction detailing   Anti-Slip floor treatment



Also available, are maintenance plans which include the above services with the addition of repairs for chips and cracks.


Restoration Method: involves grinding the floor down with commercial grade diamond abrasive pads. Successively finer pads are used to bring out a mirror like shine.

Polishing Method: returns the stone to its original luster. 

Honing Method: removes scratches and creates a smooth and even finish (non-polished look). 

Comprehensive Professional Cleaning: cleans debris from stone. Shower walls and floors are freed of soap film and scum, mildew and dirt. Hard water deposits and dirt are removed from vanities and countertops.